Brandan Wright: I can win with Mavs

Mavericks forward Brandan Wright weighs in on his increasing role in the team's gameplan, how he overcame early-career injuries and his doubts about the future.

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On his conversation with Mavs GM Donnie Nelson before coming to Dallas:

He had a little inside information first because I played for [Don Nelson] in Golden State for three years ... that's his dad obviously so he had a little inside information and I mean it was all positive. He was 100 percent on my side, big Nellie told him that he felt like I was a really really good player when I wasn't injured. I was a big help for the team and Donnie was one of the first guys that called me when free agency started so I was very excited about that.

On choosing Dallas despite guaranteed playing time:

I played on some teams that had a lot of talent, a lot of lottery picks, a lot of guys under the age of 25. You know, a lot of guys with a lot of potential, but I thought coming to the Mavericks would be a great opportunity to win. My rookie year we won 48 games, we still didn't make the playoffs though. So it was one of those situations where I felt like that I could come to a winning team, be surrounded by a lot of great players, with a lot of veteran leadership. And I had heard such great things about the coaching staff ... I mean I was all on board.