Mavs to take Dirk Nowitzki home to Germany

DALLAS -- Dirk Nowitzki is going home.

Next October that is for the preseason. For years, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been reluctant to participate in the league's oversees program in which teams play a couple of preseason games in European cities because he wasn't a fan of traveling his club like that as it prepares for the start of a long season.

In fact, Nowitzki once said he never believed the Mavs would play overseas for that very reason.

Well, the days of volunteering for or passing on such duty are over. Nowadays, when the league asks you to go, you can't say no. So, the Mavs, heightened by their 2011 championship, will be taking their 2012-13 training camp to Europe, a source confirmed, and will play one game in Nowitzki's home country, making a stop in Berlin, as well as one game in Barcelona (perhaps the league assigned the Mavs this trip when Rudy Fernandez was still actually on the team roster).

The schedules are not finalized, but the Mavs will likely spend a week or so in Europe and will open training camp a few days earlier than other teams that remain home.