After 1: Mavs 27, Clippers 19

DALLAS -- This is getting to be an old story line around: Mavs have excellent shooting first quarter and jump out to a lead. Only how they got that lead is different than most nights.

Brendan Haywood found freedom in the paint, his teammates hit him and he made the Clippers pay to the tune of 10 points on 5-of-6 shooting with six rebounds. Those are good full game totals on most nights for the big fella. His only shortcoming was -- what else? -- free throws. He missed all three attempts.

Caron Butler got his championship ring before the game and then drilled a trio of 3-pointers to lead L.A. with nine points. Chris Paul is scoreless and Blake Griffin has eight, but points nine and 10 launched off the back rim near the end of the quarter as he missed a high-flying alley-oop.