Jeremy Lin to Jason Terry: Foul not flagrant

NEW YORK -- Jason Terry didn't agree with the flagrant foul called on him against a streaking Jeremy Lin with 4:45 to go in the first quarter. And apparently, Lin didn't it either.

"He told me right after that," Terry said. "Again, it's part of the game. He's a tough kid, he took it and they came back and did everything they needed to do to win the game."

The Knicks ran away with the game late 104-97, but it was a 17-0 run in the first quarter that Mavs coach Rick Carlisle tabbed as a major reason why Dallas saw its six-game winning streak snapped. After the Mavs took an 18-13 lead, they committed consecutive turnovers. The first by Jason Kidd led to a Lin layup, and the second, a steal by Lin on Dirk Nowitzki, led to a Lin breakaway.

Terry ran up behind Lin and bumped him. Lin fell to the ground and the Madison Square Garden crowd went berserk. Terry got hit with a flagrant.

"I don't think it was a flagrant foul," said Terry, who had 13 points in his return from missing the last two games. "The league can look at it and rescind it if they want to. If not, I'll take the hit. Even Lin said it wasn't a flagrant foul. They're an emotional team, they play well in their building and that play did spearhead a run. But we answered and responded with our own run and just didn't get it done."

Terry said he planned to foul Lin to prevent the breakaway.

"I definitely ran into him and that was my intention, to take the foul in the open court and not allow him to get a layup," Terry said. "Maybe I could have wrapped him up. It would have looked less heinous, but I didn't lower the shoulder or anything. I ran into him, he fell and they called it."

Terry said the officials got caught up in the emotion of the game.

"They called it on emotion. Once they heard the reaction of the crowd then they made the call," Terry said. "That call didn't necessarily win or lose the game for either team and it's just part of the game."