Kobe Bryant: Dirk's one-legged lean-away is 'ugly'

DALLAS – Kobe Bryant stands by his comment that his imitation of Dirk Nowtizki’s one-legged lean-away jumper is “sexier” than the original.

Never mind that Nowitzki has scored thousands of points with the uniquely unblockable shot that Bryant and Kevin Durant have recently added to their offensive arsenals.

“He knows it's true,” Bryant said playfully after the Lakers’ win Wednesday night. “His [expletive] is ugly. It is. It looks terrible.

“Anybody in Dallas who says Dirk has a pretty fadeaway is just lying through their teeth. I'm not debating whether or not it goes in, it just looks disgusting. But it's extremely effective.”

Fortunately for Dirk, the scoreboards don’t tally style points.