Tyson Chandler had MRI, will play through pain

DALLAS -- New York Knicks center Tyson Chandler said Monday that he underwent an MRI exam on his ailing left wrist on Friday.

Chandler wore a pad on his hand and had his wrist taped during Sunday's loss to the Boston Celtics. It was the first time all season Chandler wore protection on his wrist. He injured it Feb. 19 against Dallas when he used his hands to brace a fall to the floor.

After Knicks practice on Monday, Chandler was icing the wrist and wore a brace when speaking with reporters.

"It's a lot going on," said Chandler, who said he has hand and wrist issues but wouldn't get into specifics of the injury. "But it's a situation where I don't think I can hurt it anymore [by] playing. It's just more so the pain. I'm more so concerned about the way I catch the ball and that kind of stuff, trying to find ways to pad it without restricting anything."

Chandler fumbled a pass from point guard Jeremy Lin on Sunday and said it's something he's going to have to deal with the rest of the season. Chandler said he doesn't need offseason surgery, but if the NBA schedule wasn't condensed he might give the wrist some time to heal under normal playing conditions.

Chandler said his wrist hurts without the brace, yet coach Mike D'Antoni said he has no plans to remove Chandler from the lineup unless he says something.

"I'm sure it's sore and I felt rather bad that he said sometimes he has a hard time grabbing the ball, but he's going to have to live with that for about a month," D'Antoni said. "It's going to be sore for a while."