Jason Kidd auditioning for 'just a handful' of teams

DALLAS -- Jason Terry has a lot of company in terms of Mavericks in contract years, a group that includes point guard Jason Kidd.

Kidd understands Terry's point about feeling like he's auditioning for 29 other teams every night, but that isn't quite the case for Kidd.

"Nah, I’ve just got a handful of teams," Kidd deadpanned, dropping a pretty strong hint that he'll only consider contenders as a 39-year-old free agent this summer.

The simple fact is that there's only one Maverick who has job security past this summer. That, however, is not a concern to Kidd.

"Just like last year, we had a lot of guys who were free agents and you see the success or reward that they got from other teams," Kidd said. "That goes for everybody. You can probably exclude Dirk from that audition, but everybody’s out here auditioning for other teams because you never know who needs your skills or who’s going to pay you the money that you’re looking for.

"So I agree with Jet, but I’m in a different bracket. I’m in the lower end with the age group. Who needs an older guy?"

Most of the Mavs have to balance their individual business interests with the ultimate team goal of repeating as NBA champions. Kidd points out that those aren't mutually exclusive pursuits.

"You win. You go out there and play hard," Kidd said. "The guys that went out there and played hard for us last year and weren’t playing for themselves got rewarded. That’s the way we have to approach it."