All remains quiet for Mavs with trade deadline nearing

DALLAS -- There hasn’t even been a juicy rumor involving the Dallas Mavericks with hours remaining before the trade deadline.

That has to be a first in the Mark Cuban era.

“It’s the most comfortable that guys have been here,” Jason Kidd said.

Cuban has repeatedly said that the Mavs aren’t looking to make a deal but are always willing to listen. He said Tuesday night that it’d take a “brain fart” by another team to get him to pull the trigger, meaning he’s willing to take advantage of a mistake if it falls in his lap.

“I don’t see us doing anything,” coach Rick Carlisle said Wednesday afternoon. “That’s my opinion, if you’re asking my opinion. But we’ll see. You never know.”

In case you’re wondering, Carlisle was adamant that Lamar Odom would still be in Dallas after the deadline.