Pregame buzz: Mark Cuban doesn't sweat 'Jet being Jet'

DALLAS -- Mark Cuban has never told the Dallas Mavericks that he’s playing for next year, but he doesn’t mind Jason Terry's take that the front office has sent that message.

“Jet’s an emotional guy,” Cuban said. “I don’t care. Jet’s been here a long time. He’s earned the right to say whatever he wants. I don’t read anything into it. Jet motivates himself in the ways Jet motivates himself.”

Cuban said he’ll probably talk to Terry about the situation at some point, but it’s not like he considers it a pressing matter. The Mavs aren’t about to give Terry a midseason contract extension -- something that they’ve never done with a player during Cuban’s ownership tenure -- and screw up the chance to have significant cap space this summer.

“I went through the same thing last year,” Cuban said, referring to players concerned about their uncertain futures with the franchise. “Trust me, every one of those guys who was in the last year of their deals last year, their agents were calling me every day. So, no different.”

Cuban continues to express confidence that the Mavs can contend again this season.

Terry’s accusation of Cuban essentially not caring this season conveniently ignore the fact that the Mavs traded for Lamar Odom's $8.9 million salary in December. That deal definitely hasn’t produced the expected dividends in Dallas, but the Mavs wouldn’t have willingly gone back over the luxury-tax limit if they were mailing in this season.

“Yeah, you think?” Cuban said. “It’s just Jet being Jet. He’s just an emotional guy and you’ve got to like it. Jet does whatever he needs to do to get himself fired up and get ready, and I’ve got no problem with it.”