Stock report: Jason Kidd up, Lamar Odom down (again)

Our weekly look at which Mavs stock have risen and fallen the most:

StreakingSTOCK UP

Jason Kidd Kidd had two of his best performances of the season in wins over the Spurs and Nuggets, when he combined for 21 points on 7-of-13 shooting, 20 assists, four steals and only one turnover. Consider that a reminder of what Kidd is capable of when he has fresh legs, the benefit of a relaxed schedule and light minutes in last week’s wins over the lottery-bound Wizards and Bobcats. Kidd didn’t play well against the Lakers -– something you could say about any Maverick -– when he had to be the primary defender on Kobe Bryant. Consider that a reminder of the dangers of asking Kidd, who celebrates his 39th birthday today, to do too much.


Lamar Odom This is getting redundant, but Lam Lam hit a new low with his quadruple-uno against the Lakers. It’s never a good sign when a player’s famous wife complains via Twitter about the lack of “positive energy” from the home crowd during a dreadful performance. Odom actually showed signs of life in the previous game, when he had nine points and four assists in the win over the Nuggets, but that’s been the exception recently. In 45 minutes against top-tier West foes (Spurs and Lakers), Odom had a grand total of five points and four rebounds while missing nine of 10 shots from the floor.