Lamar Odom's last 10 outings: minus-67

We’re told that you can’t judge Lamar Odom by the traditional numbers, which happen to be horrible across the board for him this season.

“When he comes in, does the lead go up or down?” owner Mark Cuban said Saturday night. “That’s all I care about.”

That makes the Mavs’ commitment to keeping Odom in the rotation even more confusing.

Dominique Jones is the only Maverick with a worse plus-minus this season than Odom.

Opponents have outscored the Mavs by 51 points with Odom on the floor.

It’s been especially awful over his last 10 games. Odom’s plus-minus during that span: minus-67, by far the worst on the roster.

A friendly reminder: It's time to move on, Mavs.