How will fans greet Lamar Odom tonight?

DALLAS -- When Lamar Odom made his first appearance in a Dallas Mavericks uniform on Christmas Day he was warmly greeted by the home fans with a standing ovation.

When he returned on March 3 from his mostly unexplained 10-day personal leave, when things weren't quite as warm and fuzzy, the home fans came through with another commendable and encouraging applause for the struggling forward.

But, as more subpar performances have stacked up, patience from the home fans has waned. That was apparent last week against the Lakers when fans booed Odom beyond just the smattering that had begun to pop up in previous games.

Odom certainly heard the boo birds and on Monday he noted just how odd it was for him to be booed on his home floor and he said it was "a little confusing and a little hurtful." Since, Odom was benched for the entirety of Saturday's game at San Antonio, the first DNP-CD of his career, and logged just 13 scoreless minutes in Saturday's OT win at Houston.

So, how will the home fans receive Odom tonight in his first game back at the American Airlines Center since Wednesday's one-point, one-rebound, one-assist game that drew the loudest jeers of the season?

"I didn’t know he got booed. I didn't hear that," said guard Jason Terry, who recently lost his voice, but made no mention of his hearing. "He’ll be all right."

In fact, it seems Odom's teammates were apparently too focused on the Lakers that night to hear much of anything coming from the stands.

"Oh, I don’t know. I can’t hear the boos or the cheers," said Jason Kidd when asked how he believes Mavs fans will greet Odom tonight. "I just worry about my teammates doing the right thing."

And that about says it all.