Jason Terry busts out gold shoes for Heat

MIAMI -- Jason Terry talks a better game than most. He’ll tell you whatever’s on his mind.

All you have to do is ask.

And it doesn’t matter whether the topic is the Mavs’ failure to make a move at the trade deadline, his contract situation or the Mavs’ chances of winning another title.

None of his teammates seem to care. Neither does the owner or the coach because they understand the more he talks the better he seems to play.

Go figure.

That said, Terry made his biggest statement about the Mavs in their first trip to Miami since winning the championship last summer without saying a word Thursday.

He wore gold Reeboks to the shoot-around Thursday morning in Miami.

Asked about the title chances for each club, Terry said, “We have a good chance to be there. We’ll see about them. They have a tough road ahead.”

The Heat, second in the Eastern Conference, are 35-13 after consecutive losses by a total of 31 points. They’re 20-2 at home and have won 14 in a row.

Terry and his teammates know the key to beating the Heat is avoiding turnovers on offense and creating a half-court game on defense, so the Heat can’t use it athleticism to its advantage.

"We have to come out and play our game,” Terry said. “That means we have to take care of the ball. If we do that, everything else takes care of itself.”