Jason Terry laments last play in overtime

LOS ANGELES -- Jason Terry said the Mavericks were playing for a second overtime all the way when he drove the lane, but got caught underneath the basket and his game-winning attempt bounced away.

"Just misread the whole play," Terry said. "You can't do that. I got caught under the basket."

Terry took the inbounds pass from Jason Kidd at the top of the key. A pick got him by Lakers guard Ramon Sessions, but Matt Barnes came with help defense and forced Terry deeper than he wanted to go. Barnes swiped at the ball and Terry's attempt didn't get above the bottom of the backboard.

Terry said there was no foul on the play.

"There was some misfortune there not going strong enough to the basket," Terry said. "Barnes did an excellent job of getting out of the way. I thought he was going to try to take a charge or go for a hard foul and he did neither. Give him credit and I'll take the blame for that one."

Trailing 110-108, the Mavs could have set up a 3-point shot to go for the win.

"It was a pick and roll with Dirk and Terry and we need to make play," coach Rick Carlisle said. "So he drove and I haven’t seen the replay of it, but it didn’t work out, so that’s disappointing."