Rick Carlisle: We're old and slow

Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle talks about how his team matches up with the Thunder and why he likes his team's chances to win the series.

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On how the Mavs matchup with the Thunder:

Look, we’re old and slow and Oklahoma City is young and fast. So, you know, we’re going to have to play a smart series, we’re going to have to play a hard and intelligent series, and we’re going to have to play to our strengths. The whole notion that we wanted Oklahoma City, it’s never been about that.

On how the Mavs plan to deal with Russell Westbrook:

We want to keep Westbrook out of the paint, for sure, but you know, Harden is another guy that gets into the paint and Harden may draw more fouls per minute than anybody in basketball, including Durant and Westbrook. All three of those guys present major challenges and look we’d love Westbrook to take contested 18-foot shots, but we don’t want to just give him 18-foot shots because, I mean he’s making those.