Kevin Durant says he saw the rim on winner

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Shawn Marion felt he contested Kevin Durant's game-winning shot so well that he said Durant probably didn't even see the rim when he put up the 15-footer from free throw line.

"It was great defense. I don't even think he could see the rim," Marion said after the Thunder's 99-98 comeback victory in Game 1. "There was no way he could see the rim. He just threw that (ball) up and it rolled in. Like I said, we should have never been in that position, but you got to give him credit because he hit a hell of a shot."

After the Thunder's Sunday workout at their practice facility, Durant, who hit a game-winning 3-pointer against the Mavs on Dec. 29, refuted Marion's claim about not seeing the rim.

"I took a glance at it when I was dribbling," Durant said, smiling. "I took so many shots since I've been playing this game, you kind of now where you are on the floor and I've been working on that pull-up for a while. It's a difficult shot over two guys, but Shawn Marion did a great job of contesting, and I got that bounce. And you always hear about the shooter's bounce. I'm glad it went in for me."