Rick Carlisle: Tactics can't be overlooked

Rick Carlisle wasn't as mad Tuesday, a day after accusing Kendrick Perkins of dirty play during the Mavs' Game 2 loss at Oklahoma City, but you could sense he was still irked.

The Mavericks coach exchanged words with Perkins during the game and protested the way he covered Dirk Nowitzki.

Asked Tuesday afternoon whether Perkins should be suspended for his physical style, Carlisle said: "I can't get into that. You’re asking me my opinion and my opinion doesn't matter. They're going to see all that stuff in black and white in New York (where the league office is located) and they’re going to decide whatever they decide."

Carlisle wouldn't say whether the Mavericks sent tapes of plays involving Perkins to the league office. But he said several of the tactics Perkins and Serge Ibaka are using shouldn't be allowed.

Perkins and Nowitzki were called for double technicals midway through the first quarter Monday after exchanging shoves and shouts. Perkins was called for a loose ball foul for forearming Nowitzki in the back while battling for rebounding position.

Later in the game, Nowitzki was boxing out on a successful 3-point attempt by Kevin Durant when Perkins delivered a hard forearm to his back. Perkins approached Nowitzki after the whistle blew, and Nowitzki responded by lowering his shoulder and initiating contact. Perkins shoved Nowitzki with his right hand before referee Zach Zarba separated the players, who proceeded to exchange angry words.

"There are things that are happening out there that can’t happen," Carlisle said. "You can't hit a guy in the face when you shoot the jump shot. Intentional or not intentional that happened and that’s one of the things that sort of set things in motion there. Look, it's playoff basketball and there’s going to be chippiness and there’s going to be contact and there’s going to be hits, and we've just got to make sure our disposition is where it needs to be on the one hand. On the other hand, our poise and composure has to be very strong."