Pregame buzz: How will officiating turn?

DALLAS -- After Game 1, Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle wanted the hugging and tugging and grabbing on Dirk Nowitzki whistled. The Game 2 officiating crew responded by calling 54 fouls on the two teams that resulted in 72 combined free attempts and a game that elapsed two hours and 45 minutes.

Game 2 got chippy early with Kendrick Perkins and Nowitzki trading paint in the first quarter, and then the whistles blew and blew and blew. Twenty-three free throws were shot in the third quarter alone. Afterward, Carlisle said the BS stuff had to stop.

So how will the Game 3 crew of Greg Willard, Marc Davis and David Jones call it?

Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said he has no idea.

"You never know for sure, you never know for sure," Carlisle said during his pregame news conference. "In the nuances of officiating, I wouldn't even presume to begin to want to get into understanding all the little things that go into that. That's the hardest job going. And believe me, I want no part of that. But the competitiveness of the game, the physical level of the game is going to affect the number of times the whistle's blown. That's pretty much common sense."