Colin Cowherd: Dirk Nowitzki is not elite

Colin Cowherd compares Dirk Nowitzki to other NBA players and says his game just doesn't stack up.

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His thoughts on Dirk Nowitzki's NBA career:

"Last year when Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks were having this great run it was ridiculous, 'Oh, he's better than LeBron, oh he's better than Larry Bird.' LeBron, who until he got to Miami played with garbage, has never been beaten in the first round of the playoffs. Dirk Nowitzki is about to get swept. It'll be the fifth time he's been bounced in the first round, to go along with four times he's been bounced in the second round. Nine times in 12 years. Folks he's not Larry Bird, he ain't close to LeBron James as a complete player.

"Dirk Nowitzki is a classy guy and a very very very good player, but last year, because of one run, suddenly now like everybody forgot his resume. Dirk Nowitzki today, last year and eight years ago is virtually the same guy. Best pure shooter in the league with lots of holes. The worst offensive rebounding big in the game, a weak perimeter defender, not great in transition but man can he shoot."