Jason Kidd thinks Nets about to make 'splash'

DALLAS -- Deron Williams is in a powerful position. The perennial All-Star point guard holds the futures of two franchises in the palm of his hands as he is set to become a free agent on July 1.

Could Williams' destination also be the final stop for Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd, also a free-agent-to-be as he attempts to play two more years and take his career a full 20 seasons?

Kidd on Saturday reiterated his interest in playing with Williams and also had some interesting insights into the fortunes of the new Brooklyn Nets.

“I think going to Brooklyn brings a lot of attention,” Kidd said. “The last professional team there was the Dodgers, so I think they’re going to be very excited. And then with the Russian owner [Mikhail Prokhorov], I mean, he’s not short on money so I think they’re going to go out and make a splash.”

Kidd, who ended this season on a personal high with 16 points, eight assists and seven rebounds in 38 minutes, said he would like to sign a two-year contract to take him through a 20th season at age 41. He reiterated his interest in taking a backup role to the 27-year-old Williams, who hails from the Dallas area. Kidd and Williams share the same agent, Jeff Schwartz, and Kidd said he and Williams would get together on the golf course during the offseason.

“What’s wrong with that? That’s not a bad guy to help out,” Kidd said. “If it comes to that would not be a bad situation. I know I wouldn’t have to play 30 minutes.”

Kidd said he will listen to Mavs owner Mark Cuban first and that he expects to agree to terms with a team shortly after the July 1 start to the free agency period.

"We'll see what happens and we'll see what the Mavs are talking about first and we'll go from there," Kidd said.

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