How much is Jason Kidd worth?

DALLAS -- It will be interesting to see how teams value certain free agents this summer and the money they're willing to spend with the new collective bargaining agreement in place and harsher penalties for luxury tax spenders beginning in the 2013-14 season.

The Mavericks will be players on the free-agent market for big fish like Deron Williams and also for cheaper labor to fill out the roster. At this point in his career, Jason Kidd will be considered cheap labor, at least by the Mavs. Same goes for Jason Terry.

"I feel like I can still help a team win, and hopefully it's back here," said Kidd, who has expressed interest in relinquishing his starting role if it means backing up Williams.

Does Kidd, 39, have a basement salary figure in mind for next season? Would he accept a veteran's minimum deal or perhaps the mini mid-level that Vince Carter signed in December with the Mavs? Or is there a team willing to pay him more than that?

Kidd, who posted a career-low numbers across the board this season and dealt with three separate injuries, just completed a three-year deal that paid him in excess of $25 million. In the previous six seasons, he earned between $13 million and a career-high $21 million (2008-09). Kidd has earned more than $180 million in his career.

So how much does the 10-time All-Star and future Hall of Famer think he's worth heading into his final contract, one he said he would like to sign for two years to take him through 20 NBA seasons?

"It's more fit, but hopefully I do have a little value," Kidd said. "I don't want to come cheap or come free, but it's ... The finance part, that always takes care of itself."

How much would you pay Jason Kidd?