Mock draft: Kendall Marshall to the Mavs

In version 7.0 of his ESPN Insider mock draft, Chad Ford projects the Mavericks to select North Carolina point guard Kendall Marshall with the 17th overall pick.

Ford's analysis:

With Jason Kidd 39 and a free agent and Rodrigue Beaubois more of a combo guard, Marshall would bring much of what Kidd brings to the table -- incredible court vision and size -- right away. He's not a great athlete or a great shooter, but he could keep Dirk & Co. happy.

Of course, the Mavs' Plan A is signing Deron Williams to start at point guard, but the draft comes first before free agency. Picking Marshall would give the Mavs insurance at point guard, but it's possible that he'd be third-string behind Williams and Jason Kidd for a couple of years.

The most intriguing player still on the board for the Mavs' pick in Ford's mock draft is Baylor's Perry Jones III, a skilled but inconsistent 6-foot-11 prospect who played his high school ball at Dallas' Woodrow Wilson and Duncanville. If Jones slips, he might be the Mavs' best chance to hit a home run in the middle of the first round.

Ford's analysis of Jones, whom he projects to go to the Magic with the No. 19 pick:

This is a long way for Jones to slip in the draft. Many believe he's a top-five talent, but no one knows what position he'll play in the pros. His situation reminds me a lot of the one Josh Smith was in a few years ago. Jones may find a home in the lottery, but if he doesn't he could slide this far. Given Jones' raw talent, he's definitely worth the risk at this point.