Will Deron Williams follow Chris Bosh?

What is it like for a pro athlete to play for his hometown team?

Derrick Rose, who was drafted by the Chicago Bulls, feels the love. LeBron James did, too, until he spurned the home team that drafted him, the Cleveland Cavaliers, to take his talents to South Beach. Clyde Drexler won a title after being traded home to Houston. Chauncey Billups has balanced the jubilation of twice being traded home to Denver with the misfortune of being traded away when he wanted to stay.

Some athletes have no interest in finding out what it's like to play at home. Entering his 2010 free agency, native Chris Bosh made clear his intentions not to pursue a path home to the Dallas Mavericks.

Few athletes -- and even fewer superstars -- ever get the chance to go home. Fewer still get to do so by their own volition.

Orange County native and formerTexas Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson took advantage of his free agency to sign with his hometown Los Angeles Angelslast winter and now lives with his brother.

NBA All-Star point guard Deron Williams is the latest high-profile athlete granted with this rarest of opportunities to choose to come home smack in the prime of his career. The Mavs, desperately wanting a young superstar to propel the franchise during and beyond Dirk Nowitzki's twilight, are waiting with open arms and an open wallet. They are also flush with cash after the designed dismantling of the 2011 title team.

The only question is if Williams, the property of the Brooklyn-bound Nets for at least one more week, will come home.

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