Deron Williams, Jason Kidd finish 18, tweet

Deron Williams officially invited public speculation into his impending free agency this afternoon (thankfully, as if there was none before) with a tweet that he and Jason Kidd knocked the golf ball around the East Hampton Golf Club in New York:

The point guard is set to choose between the Brooklyn Nets and the Dallas Mavericks some time after free agency begins Sunday at 12:01 a.m. (ET).

A bit later, Kidd responded with his own tweet directed at Williams:

Read into what you will. Kidd has long been talking up playing with Williams, whether it be in Dallas or Brooklyn. Kidd has said he'd love to be back in Dallas, while at the same time he's celebrated the Nets' move to Brooklyn as being significant and that he expects the franchise to make a splash this summer.

Williams has taken to Twitter in the past few weeks to rail on reports and reporters citing sources as to which way he may be leaning. Now, just days before he will make his final decision, he seems to be having a little fun with the process -- while also toying just a bit with the emotions of fans in both locales.

Ah, this is fun, right?