Charles Barkley: Mavs need to get bigger

FRISCO, Texas -- Charles Barkley of course wasn't without his opinions on the Dallas Mavericks and their pursuit of Deron Williams.

Here's what he had to say Saturday from Dirk Nowitzki's Heroes Charity baseball game.

Q: How will Mavs fare if they don't land Williams?

A: It won’t put them obviously in a good situation. But I'm not sure even if they get Deron, they’ve got to get bigger, too. That was the difference last year when they had Tyson and DeShawn Stevenson and those guys, they were much bigger. The reason they lost to the Heat the first time is they were too small, too finesse. But if they get Deron, will they be better? Yeah, they’ll be better, but I'm not sure they can beat the bigger teams out West."

Q: Are you surprised the Mavs broke up their title team and put all their eggs in the Williams basket?

A: Somewhat because I thought they should have kept Tyson Chandler because I think he’s in his prime and really made them a big team, tough, with Dirk and Tyson down low.