Michael Finley on board to close the deal?

The third member of the Dallas Mavericks' recruiting team in New York today has taken some by surprise. In the Big Apple today to sit down with top free-agent target Deron Williams is president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson, head coach Rick Carlisle and ...

Michael Finley?

As one clever Twitter hand typed, guess that answers the old question, Where's Fin?

The Mavs have quietly brought aboard the former shooting guard in a role the team has not quite defined well enough to boil down for a business card.

When Nelson was asked the name of the position Finley holds, the GM said, ahem, "(rear-end) kicker."

Perhaps that means Finley's the man to finish the job and bring Williams home.

At any rate, it certainly seems that Finley is now the first of the Mark Cuban-era Mavs to join old-schoolers Derek Harper, Rolando Blackman and Brad Davis as working closely with the organization.