Deron Williams and the decision: The wait is on

UPDATE: Hold the phone on everything. Overnight, the Nets and Orlando Magic have re-engaged in trade talks that could send Dwight Howard to Brooklyn, and obviously could have a profound effect on the thinking of prized point guard Deron Williams.

If Monday was D-Day, let today be known as Judgment Day.

The Dallas Mavericks made their pitch first, closely followed by the Brooklyn Nets. Now both franchises await All-Star point guard Deron Williams' final decision, one that has anxiously awaited and hotly debated.

Did the Nets' Monday trade for Joe Johnson and his massive contract -- an acquisition that effectively takes the indecisive Dwight Howard off the table this year and likely next -- convince Williams to stay or to flee?

The Mavs' recruiting team included president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson, head coach Rick Carlisle and special assistant Michael Finley. They laid out a history of shrewd decisions, Dirk Nowitzki, a family culture and winning basketball. They hope it's enough to offset the fact that Brooklyn can offer Williams a five-year deal worth close to $100 million while the Mavs are locked into a four-year contract for about $75 million.

The Nets also met with the Steve Nash and say they are interested in the 38-year-old former two-time MVP, with or without Williams. The Mavs will be dialing up Nash quickly if Williams opts to become the face of the new Brooklyn franchise.

Nash already has a significant offer from the Toronto Raptors -- three years and $36 million -- and the New York Knicks are attempting to get Nash to Manhattan, perhaps with a sign-and-trade with the Phoenix Suns.

As for Williams, he has the information, he's met with the clubs. It's time for a decision.

And don' forget about Jason Kidd, who could well be on his way to Brooklyn if Williams stays, or ready to back him up with the Mavs.

Stay tuned.