Jason Kidd hopes Mavs deal comes soon

Jason Kidd won't be playing ball with Deron Williams next season. Now he's focused on getting a deal done to finish out his career with the Dallas Mavericks.

"I’ve always loved playing with Dallas and I’d love to finish my career there," Kidd said Wednesday. "So hopefully (agent) Jeff (Schwartz) and (Mavs owner Mark) Cuban can get something done."

Kidd is currently talking with only one other team, he said, the New York Knicks, who are busy trying to acquire Steve Nash via a sign a trade with the Phoenix Suns. The Mavs are also negotiating with the Suns and Nash, and have interest in Knicks restricted free agent Jeremy Lin, a source close to the situation confirmed. The Knicks can match any offer a team makes to Lin.

Kidd, 39, said he's feeling great physically and capable of continuing in his starting role, something he was willing to give up if Williams came aboard. Despite Williams opting to re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets and the Mavs' second-leading scorer, Jason Terry, likely headed to the Boston Celtics, Kidd said he's confident that Cuban and GM Donnie Nelson will put together a competitive team.

"Cuban is always going to be a competitor, he’s always going to try to win," Kidd said. "So no matter what happens as of right now, it always can change in the NBA fast. I’ve always thought he’s going to put a competitive team out there and he has since I’ve been with him."

Kidd would not specify a salary he is seeking. He has said in the past that he would like to play two more seasons to take him to 20 in the NBA. He also said he would consider a one-year contract, but Wednesday he seemed to hedge on that as being predicated on Williams joining the team.

"Dallas has everything." Kidd said, referring to his contract requests. "It's just a matter if we can get a deal done with Cuban that he feels is right. A lot of it was probably referenced with D-Will coming, but he's not, so it changes somewhat."