Jason Terry speaks fondly of fans, Mavs

Jason Terry is not coming back, so slam the door shut on any such notion. Terry, set to begin his 14th season with Boston Celtics, will never forget his eight seasons in Dallas and he had a message for Mavericks fans in a recent interview.

"All I can tell the fans in Dallas is that I love you, I appreciate all your hard work, all of your support," Terry told RF Sports Report, which followed Terry and his daughter’s AAU basketball team at a recent tournament in Orlando, Fla. "We couldn’t have accomplished the things we accomplished in Dallas without you."

And then the Jet issued a playful warning.

"But, they got to pay when we come to town because the big green machine is coming to town soon, baby, and it’s going to be fun," Terry said. "I look forward to it and hopefully I can do great things in Boston and have a good career there."

Terry has agreed to a three-year, $15 million contract with the Celtics that he can sign as soon as Wednesday when the NBA resumes business operations. He said he was surprised that the Mavs did not attempt to match.

When Terry's time in Boston is done, or whenever and wherever his career eventually ends, he reiterated his desire to retire in Dallas and maybe even one day watch his No. 31 get raised to the American Airlines Center rafters.

"I had a great time. I look back at it and say, 'If I never went through what I went through in Dallas, would I be where I am today?' and I don’t think so," Terry said. "I was in Dallas eight years, played with some great teammates and had a great coach and a great owner. But what the city meant to me is priceless. Without them I'm nothing. The Jet was born in Dallas, right there in Dallas. So, I always have a home in Dallas and hopefully when I’m done I can go back and end my career there."