Dirk: Mavs 'heck of a team' without 'big fish'

DALLAS -- Dirk Nowitzki won't go quite as far as Mark Cuban, who claims the Dallas Mavericks are better off because of Deron Williams' decision to decline the franchise's max offer in free agency.

Nowitzki acknowledges that he was disappointed that the Mavs weren't able to pull off their plan of pairing him with a proven superstar, although he's intrigued and optimistic about his potluck supporting cast put together this summer.

"Unfortunately or whatever, last year we had some big fish available and we didn't get them," Nowitzki said. "So you can do either two things: Blow the whole thing up and start over or you've got to keep signing guys to shorter contracts to stay a player in the free agency market the following year. That's the route we took.

"I still think, for that, we have a heck of a team. For basically saying we want to be a player next summer, we still put a decent product out there. We're going to compete and see what happens."

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