Kiss Mavericks' playoff streak goodbye

Your Dallas Mavericks, among the NBA's best franchises since owner Mark Cuban bought them, are headed to the lottery for the first time in forever.

It's actually kind of sad. The reality is the Mavs just aren't good.

Not with Dirk Nowitzki missing three to six weeks depending on whom you believe. And not with O.J. Mayo as the team's second-best scoring option. And certainly not with Eddy Curry as the starting center Tuesday night when the season opens against the Los Angeles Lakers.

If we're honest, the Mavs are a short team that can't shoot. They don't have a single dude on the roster other than Dirk who averaged more than 13 points a game last season.

They don't defend particularly well and defensive rebounding is going to be a struggle all season. They don't have much muscle along the front line and no one aside from Brandan Wright consistently plays above the rim.

Now, they'll play hard and scrap because Rick Carlisle is the coach, and he's among the game's best. So there's no doubt Carlisle will maximize this roster's talent, but that's not going to be quite enough to secure a playoff berth.

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