Stock Report: Darren Collison up, Elton Brand down

Our weekly look at which Mavs’ stock has moved the most:

StreakingSTOCK UP

Darren Collison – He might be a keeper. He’s definitely an upgrade over the 2011-12 version of Jason Kidd. Collison opened his Mavericks stint with consecutive 17-point performances, exceeding Kidd’s highest scoring total from last season. He also averaged 5.5 assists and only 1.5 turnovers. The Mavs want Collison, who has extraordinary speed and quickness, to push the tempo. He did an excellent job of that against the Lakers and in the first half in Utah.


Elton Brand – With Dirk Nowitzki out, the Mavs need Brand to be an effective offensive weapon. He fell far short during the Mavs’ season-opening road trip, scoring a total of only 13 points on 5-of-18 shooting during the two games. He has contributed in other areas, recording 18 rebounds, four steals and three blocks while banging with Dwight Howard and Al Jefferson. But Brand has a long track record of being an efficient offensive player. The Mavs especially need him to help shoulder the scoring load early in the season.