Mark Cuban hopes Lakers made 'huge mistake,' keeps making them

NEW YORK -- Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle isn’t one bit happy that the preseason West favorite Lakers fired his former assistant Mike Brown after five games.

“I think it sucks,” Carlisle said Friday afternoon on ESPN Dallas 103.3’s “Galloway and Company.”

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, on the other hand, takes a little pleasure in the Lakers’ misery.

Cuban is the man who publicly questioned this summer whether the Lakers’ star-studded chemistry experiment would work. Before the Mavs’ season-opening win in LA, Cuban added, “I hope they suck.” He’s certainly not crying about the Lakers’ chaos now.

“That’s a quick trigger,” Cuban said while chatting up the media courtside at Madison Square Garden. “That is a quick trigger. But, hey, it’s the same thought I have all the time. I hope they have to do it again this season. A couple times. Five times, maybe.”

Cuban mentioned later that he’d never jump to any grand conclusions, good or bad, after just five games. The Lakers management obviously doesn’t share that opinion.

“Don’t you hate when that happens?” Cuban said with a smirk. “Nothing surprises me. Every team is different. Every team has its own approach.

“I just hope it was a huge mistake and they continue to make them.”