Buzz: Mark Cuban past Jason Kidd's departure, plans to boo him

NEW YORK -- Mark Cuban doesn’t plan to exchange any handshakes or man hugs with Jason Kidd on Friday night, the first time the Mavericks owner will see his former point guard since Kidd’s decision to leave Dallas for the Knicks.

“I’m going to boo the hell out of him and hope he has about 15 turnovers,” Cuban said with a laugh.

But Cuban insists that he doesn’t have any lingering bitterness toward Kidd, who verbally committed to re-signing with the Mavs only to change his mind the same day, opting to take a similar offer from the Knicks.

“I’m past it,” Cuban said. “What’s done is done.”

Cuban vented this summer on ESPN Dallas 103.3’s “Ben and Skin Show,” admitting his feelings were hurt by the way Kidd’s decision went down and declaring that his No. 2 would never hang from the American Airlines Center rafters.

Pressed by the New York media Friday evening, Cuban declined to elaborate on those comments. Nor did he retract them.

“You know what I said,” Cuban said. “I said it. It’s over. Next.”

After a follow-up question, Cuban added, “It’s not even worth thinking about. He plays for the Knicks. I don’t care about the Knicks, other than we want to beat their ass, like we do every other team. Other than that, any guy who wears another team’s jersey, that’s what they do -- wear another team’s jersey.”

Cuban did say that he still thought Kidd was a good guy and will keep him on his Christmas card list.