Elton Brand: I'm playing for wins

Mavericks F Elton Brand talks about his role with the team, O.J. Mayo's hot start, how things will change when Dirk Nowitzki returns and more.

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On his role and playing off the bench with limited minutes:

I'm not one of those guys who come off the bench and just throw 10-15 shots up right away like Jamal Crawford or one of these guys scoring big off the bench. Just hoping I get the opportunity to help the team ... especially if we're losing, if we're winning I'm fine.

I used to be real big in fantasy basketball ... used to be a top-10 pick ... But I'm not playing for fantasy basketball anymore, I'm playing for wins ... I just want to go out there and help the team.

On if there's going to be an adjustment period when Dirk returns:

I think when Dirk gets back of course ... Such a great player, future Hall of Famer ... He's going to help everybody out so we're not worried about his transition getting back into the fold.

His thoughts on O.J. Mayo:

He's a relentless worker. He's always in the gym getting better, trying to get better ... Shooting his shots and working on defense, actually ... Watching a lot of film ... He wants to be a great player and I think it's going to continue once Dirk gets back his job is only going to be easier because guys have to pay so much attention to his offensive threat that O.J. can get even more wide open shots.