Dirk Nowitzki impressed by O.J. Mayo

DALLAS -- Could Dirk Nowitzki bond on the court with O.J. Mayo the way he did with Jason Terry?

It will still be a little while before we find out, but Nowitzki is certainly impressed by what he's seen so far from Mayo.

"I’ve got admit, I’ve been surprised," Nowitzki said. "I think in preseason he tried to be aggressive, maybe the whole falling down the stairs in Barcelona didn’t help when his hand was all messed up. So I don’t think he was really in a good shooting rhythm, but he’s been playing phenomenal -- just stepping in his shots, feels like every open [3-pointer] is going in. He’s starting to handle the ball more off the screen and rolls, crossing guys over, getting in the lane, shooting floaters. I mean he’s really playing at a high level, and that’s been definitely fun to watch."

Nowitzki, who is looking at a mid-December return, hopes he can step in and develop some chemistry with Mayo quickly.

"Hopefully, we can build the same kind of chemistry we had with Jet," Nowitzki said. "That obviously took a while for us to get to the level where we were at the last couple of years. At the beginning we had some ugly times, we were yelling at each other and just didn’t read well at the beginning. I think that’s hopefully going to go quick once I get back, but it’s going to take some time in games and it’s going to take some time in practice.

"Like I said, I like what we‘re seeing. He can handle on the screen-and-roll better than I actually thought he can coming in. He’s really looking comfortable crossing and going both ways now, pulling up for the in-between shots, so, yeah, we can be a nice combo that me and Jet used to be."

That should be fun to watch.