Rick Carlisle determined to adjust 'disposition'

DALLAS -- Never mind the four-letter words. You know Rick Carlisle isn’t pleased with his team when his favorite four-syllable word keeps flying out of his mouth.


And Carlisle dropped “disposition” a bunch Monday, when the butt-kicking delivered by the Lakers a couple of days ago was still painfully fresh on the Mavericks’ minds as they prepared to board the team jet to Philadelphia.

“We’ve had two days to work on things and spend time on our disposition as much as anything,” Carlisle said. “We’ve done some decent things in practice. And we got to keep getting better and carry it over to the game.

“Nobody likes getting beat by 30 points, especially at home. That’s not how we want to do business here. When that happens, we got to adjust, and a lot of it is adjusting our disposition defensively.”

Sounds like Carlisle was a pleasure to be around the past couple of days, right?

“Man, he was on us tough,” O.J. Mayo said. “As competitors and (after) the disappointment we felt after the Lakers game, it’s all right. We came in ready to work and get better.”

Carlisle has been clear that the Mavs need to be a tougher team. That’s a pretty obvious point, considering the Mavs rank 27th in the NBA in scoring defense (101.6 points per game) and 29th in rebounding differential (minus-4.9).

It’s one thing to talk about adjusting a team’s disposition. How does it actually happen?

“The things we do, we do hard. And if we don’t do them hard, we keep doing them,” Carlisle said. “It’s got to be a situation where demands are met. You get what you demand, and you encourage what you tolerate. That’s a great saying that I recently saw.

“That’s how I got to approach this as the leader of the team. And our guys got to understand that anything less than a full-capacity effort is not going to cut it with the way we’re structured right now.”