Dirk's personal coach Holger Geschwindner arrives in Dallas

DALLAS – It’s been exactly six weeks since Dirk Nowitzki underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee.

The Mavs are being mum about whether Nowitzki has resumed basketball activities, as he had hoped to do at this point, but there was a pretty strong hint hanging out on the balcony above the Mavs’ practice court Thursday. His longtime mentor and personal coach Holger Geschwindner has arrived in town.

“He’s doing a little bit more each day,” coach Rick Carlisle said of Nowitzki, “but it’s not time for a Dirk update each day.”

Carlisle noted that Geschwindner also worked with other players on the Mavs’ roster. Geschwindner did put Rodrigue Beaubois through drills after Thursday’s practice, but it’s unlikely he flew in from Germany to work on a third-string point guard’s game.

Nowitzki, who originally hoped to resume basketball activities a few weeks after the operation despite the official announcement that it’d take “about six weeks,” recently said that he hopes to be playing in games by mid-December.

“There is no timetable,” Carlisle said. “It’s going to be whenever Mother Nature and his rehab merge, whenever that magic moment is.”