Buzz: Jason Terry 'a Maverick in my heart'

BOSTON -- This is just another game for Jason Terry.

He admits, however, that his emotions will be on high March 22. That’s when Jet will make his first trip to Dallas in a Celtics uniform.

“'Cause then you've got the fans involved,” Terry said before Wednesday’s Celtics-Mavs game. “And I know they'll be watching tonight, but it's a lot different when you're on the court and you're in that arena again. So, tonight is going to be good, I'll see everybody and say what's up, but again in March, when we go back on the 22nd, it's going to be special."

Terry has no hard feelings about the Mavs’ business decision to not make a competitive offer in an attempt to keep him. He still emails Mark Cuban occasionally and has also maintained good relationships with his former Mavs coaches and teammates.

Terry also intends to take Cuban up on his offer to return to the Mavs after his playing days in a position to be determined.

“Dallas is still my home base, so I definitely want to be a part of the Mavericks organization, which I am a Maverick in my heart,” Terry said.

The 35-year-old Terry believes he has “several good years” left in him as a player. He signed a three-year deal with Boston, and he could envision himself returning to Dallas to finish his career before joining the Mavs’ front office.

“That’s definitely not out of the question,” Terry said. “All options are open, but again, everything we did in Dallas was special obviously. I’ll always remember. That lasting memory for me wasn’t last year’s season with the lockout. It was what we accomplished in 2011, winning a championship for that city, for that organization.”

*Mavs coach Rick Carlisle played his first three NBA seasons in Boston, serving as a bench player for the 1986 title team.

“The one thing I feel good about is that I know that my number will be retired here one day,” Carlisle said with a straight face.

Carlisle wore No. 34 for the Celtics, scoring 446 points during his tenure in Boston. Paul Pierce, the Celtics’ current No. 34, entered the night 25 points shy of 23,000 for his career.

*Mark Cuban's tongue-in-cheek take on DeMarcus Cousins' one-game suspension for a low blow on O.J. Mayo: "It seems a little light in the pants."

*Mavs forward Jae Crowder (illness) will not play against the Celtics. He is resting at the team hotel and will rejoin the Mavs for the flight to Toronto.