Budding closer O.J. Mayo hits bump in road

BOSTON -- Rick Carlisle thought of the colorful man who coached him when he broke into the NBA with the Boston Celtics when asked if the Dallas Mavericks missed Jason Terry.

"As the great K.C. Jones would say, does a bear [poop] in the woods?" Carlisle cracked before Wednesday night's game at the TD Garden.

There's comfort in having a closer like Terry on your roster. Terry had an off night in his first meeting with the Mavs while wearing that green No. 4, but there weren't many better clutch players than "Jet" during his time in Dallas.

Maybe O.J. Mayo can develop into that kind of cold-blooded crunch-time scorer.

If that's the case, perhaps Mayo will look back on the Mavs' 117-115 double-overtime loss to Terry's Celtics as a valuable bump in the road of his learning process as a closer.

Mayo finished with a team-high 24 points on 10-of-19 shooting, but his nine turnovers were the number he focused on after the Mavs' three-game winning streak got snapped. And Mayo's mind was on the big shots he missed, not the buckets he got to fall.

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