Buzz: Dominique Jones like a 'dog chasing cars'

DALLAS -- Dominique Jones, whose role should increase significantly while Derek Fisher is sidelined at least a week by a knee injury, recently described his approach as “like a dog chasing cars.”

That’s now exactly what Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle wants out of his point guards.

Nevertheless, Carlisle has no complaints about Jones’ contributions the last couple of games, when he has scored 14 points on 5-of-7 shooting, dished out five assists and grabbed four rebounds in 33 minutes.

“The one thing about DoJo that I really like is he goes in the game and you know he’s out there,” Carlisle said. “He plays an aggressive, attacking style. He brings a physical element to the point guard position. He does not back down.”

That hasn’t earned Jones a consistent role. The Mavs declined to pick up the option for next season in his rookie deal, and they attempted to trade him to clear a roster spot before the season started. He’s been a DNP-CD six times this season.

“I feel like I’ve played some games well,” said Jones, who is averaging 3.8 points and 3.1 assists while shooting only 36.2 percent from the floor in 11.4 minutes per game. “These are just the cards that you’re dealt. A lot of young guys, they get dealt different cards where they get to play, make mistakes and continue to play the next game and learn on the court.

“This right here is a winning organization, has been a winning organization. That’s kind of mixed up when it comes to that.”

With Fisher out, the Mavs don’t have much choice than to live with Jones’ mistakes and car-chasing moments.

“The only thing that I insist on is that he goes in there and plays with presence, with persistence and with force,” Carlisle said. “Generally speaking, he does that.”