Derek Fisher era ends; Mavs PG problems continue

The desperate move of signing Derek Fisher didn’t work for the Mavericks.

The five-time Lakers champ’s stint in Dallas lasted all of nine games, with Fisher pleading homesickness as he limped back to Los Angeles with a strained patellar tendon that would have sidelined him a couple weeks. He didn’t even play a second with Dirk Nowitzki before deciding he’d rather hang with his family -- and maybe wait for a call from one of L.A.’s teams -- than try to help the Mavs avoid their first lottery berth in a dozen years.

Now what at point guard for the post-Jason Kidd Mavs?

Feel like discussing the pipe dream of Chris Paul leaving the young, contending Clippers to help Dirk age gracefully in his golden years? Didn’t think so.

As the Mavs keep scouring the point guard scrap heaps, they’re kidding themselves if they think they have anything less than a disaster on their hands at the position. They’ve dumped Delonte West, dissed Dominique Jones, demoted Darren Collison and been ditched by Fisher in the last two months. Oh, and Rodrigue Beaubois’ third annual breakout season has been another dud.

Here’s a quick look at coach Rick Carlisle’s point guard candidates at the moment:

Darren Collison: Well, so much for the spin of Collison being mentored by Fisher. The Mavs' decision to bench Collison the week before Fisher was signed made it clear they don’t consider him anything more than a good backup, reaching the same conclusion as Indiana last season. Collison’s numbers with the Mavs (11.7 points, .446 FG, 5.1 assists, 2.5 turnovers) are pretty similar than the stats he put up as a Pacers starter. Collison’s defense and decision-making have been major disappointments in Dallas, but he is capable of scoring bursts. Collison, who left Friday’s game against Memphis after 10 tough minutes due to a reported illness, hasn’t justified the summer hope that he might be a long-term piece.

Dominique Jones: The Mavs opted not to pick up the option for next season in DoJo’s rookie deal and tried to trade him for a bag of deflated basketballs before the season, but he’s actually playing pretty well lately. He was the primary reason the Mavs didn’t get blown out in Memphis, putting up career highs of 13 points and seven assists in the loss. He’s a poor shooter (.356 FG) and finisher (.429 in restricted area) who definitely lacks polish. But Jones is a crafty-passing, physical dude with a chip on his shoulder because he doesn’t feel like he got much of a chance in Dallas.

Rodrigue Beaubois: Remember a few years ago when Roddy B’s future seemed so bright? He’s averaging 2.9 points on 31.7 percent shooting this season. Once declared by Mark Cuban to be all but untouchable in trade talks, dreams of Beaubois as a Mavs foundation piece fizzled long ago. It seems as if he’s just playing out the string of his Dallas stint.