Dirk Nowitzki: 'Our basketball IQ obviously went down'

First, the good news: Dirk Nowitzki said his right knee felt fine after his first game of the season.

Sounds like he has a heck of a headache, though.

The Mavericks’ flaws were on full display in a 129-91 loss to the San Antonio Spurs that featured a terrible 20/20: 20 3-pointers allowed and 20 turnovers committed.

Nowitzki had grown accustomed to playing on a smart, savvy team. That description simply doesn’t fit these Mavs, which is why they signed the since-departed 38-year-old point guard Derek Fisher in the first place.

Nowitzki is used to having the Hall of Fame brain of Jason Kidd running the show. Now, he’ll have to get used to working with young point guards Darren Collison and Dominique Jones.

“Our basketball IQ obviously went down a little bit with J-Kidd leaving,” Nowitzki told reporters in San Antonio. “I think that’s pretty obvious.

“We don’t make the right play on defense. I don’t think that’s selfishness. Maybe we don’t react quick enough or maybe it’s not natural enough to the guys yet, all the calls, the switching of coverages. You’ve got to pay attention; you’ve got to be smart out there. ...

“Offensively, our decision-making has been brutal. We’re averaging 20 [turnovers] a night. It’s impossible to win, especially on the road.”

Um, welcome back, Dirk.