Rick Carlisle: Mavs aren't really selfish

DALLAS – Rick Carlisle seemed to regret labeling the Mavericks as a selfish team after Sunday’s blowout loss to the San Antonio Spurs.

“I don’t think we’re categorically a selfish team,” Carlisle said the next day. “I just think we’ve got to work through some things and get better. … That was a reaction – a postgame reaction – to an ass-kicking.”

The Mavs, as Dirk Nowitzki noted after his embarrassing season debut, are not a smart team. The lack of basketball intelligence tends to result in plays that appear to be selfish, especially for a franchise that has prided itself on crisp ball movement and on-a-string defensive rotations for years.

“I got to show guys why things are happening,” Carlisle said. “We had some plays that turned out to be selfish plays, but they happened in part because we were in the wrong position on other parts of the court.”

Of course, selfish wasn’t the only nasty label Carlisle slapped on the Mavs after they got spanked in San Antonio. He also said his team displayed “a lack of competitiveness” and “a lack of commitment.”

No need to back off those statements after cooling off.

“We’ve got to get better with it,” Carlisle said. “We weren’t good (against the Spurs).”