Stats & Info: Inside the Mavericks' struggles

The Dallas Mavericks have the sixth-highest pace in the NBA with 96.4 possessions per 48 minutes. However, they are not converting those possessions into an efficient offense. Mavericks have an offensive efficiency rating of 99.7, which has them ranked 22nd in the NBA.

Possessions per 48 minutes: 96.4 (sixth in NBA)

Offensive efficiency: 99.7 (22nd)

Field-goal percentage: 49.0 (13th)

Mavericks lacking in half-court execution

The Mavericks have struggled to generate points in their half-court offense. They are averaging .86 points per play, which ranks them 21st in the NBA. In raw averages, they are only scoring about 78 points per game in the half court which is 19th in the NBA.

Points per play: .86 (21st in NBA)

Field-goal percentage: 46.7 (18th)

Points per game: 77.7 (19th)

Defensive liabilities

What the Mavericks lack offensively, they are unable to overcome defensively. This season the Mavericks have a defensive efficiency rating of 104.7 and are ranked 24th in the NBA. That accumulates to a net efficiency rating of -5.0. The five teams with a worst net efficiency rating than the Mavericks were all lottery teams last year. One of the biggest reasons to why they are struggling so badly on defense is the their inability to rebound. Mavericks have the worst rebounding percentage in the NBA with only 47.4 percent available rebounds being collected.

Defensive efficiency: 104.7 (24th in NBA)

Net efficiency: -5.0 (25th)

Rebound percentage*: 47.4 (30th)

* Percentage of available rebounds a team collects while on the floor.

Nowitzki’s early (non)impact

They score nearly seven points less and allow nearly 10 more points per 100 possessions when Nowitzki is playing compared to when he isn't. Nowitzki per 100 possessions, costs Dallas 19.4 points.

Offensive efficiency -- 93.7 when Dirk on court; 100.4 off court

Defensive efficiency: 113.1 when Dirk on court; 103.7 off-court

Net efficiency: -19.4 when Dirk on court; -3.4 off-court

Nowitzki’s post-play down

Nowitzki has the same post-up rate as last season at 28 percent; however his production has not been the same. Although it is a limited sample, Nowitzki is averaging .71 points per play and shooting 35 percent in the post. Last season, Nowitzki was averaging .93 points per play and shooting nearly 45 percent.

Inability to win close games

Out of total 34 games played this season, the Mavericks have been either ahead, behind or tied by three points in the last 30 seconds in 20 of them. Their record is 4-16.