Mark Cuban didn't get his money's worth

Mark Cuban fully understands that he typically has to pay a price to express his opinion on NBA officiating.

After all, his fine total from his 13-year ownership tenure is in the seven figures. That’s one reason he picks his spots more judiciously these days.

So Cuban’s $50,000 fine for his ref-ripping tweet, which came in the heat of the moment after he confronted referee Bill Kennedy at midcourt following the Mavs’ overtime loss Saturday night to the Hornets, certainly can’t be considered a surprise. That’s pretty much the minimum payment considering his track record.

The tweet will cost Cuban, who didn’t reply to an email requesting comment, $100,000 if he follows his normal custom of matching the fine with a charitable donation.

The dollars probably don’t bother Cuban nearly as much as his comments’ lack of impact, considering his coach complained about the officiating after the Mavs’ next game.