Buzz: Performance won't affect Mark Cuban's thinking

DALLAS -- If the Mavs manage to sustain the suddenly-winning ways, it won’t change the way the Bank of Cuban goes about its business.

Maybe certain Mavericks can increase their trade value over the next five weeks, but Mark Cuban’s thought process won’t be affected by his team’s performance before the Feb. 21 trade deadline.

“I think we know pretty much what we want to do,” Cuban said. “Like I said, it’s always about being opportunistic. It’s less about us than it is about other teams, what other teams want to do. It’s just like we always are. It’s no different.

“It’s not like, oh, this one guy we’re pushing or that guy we’re pushing. It’s not like that at all. It’s like, what’s available? It’s more about what opportunities we have with other teams so we can be opportunistic.”

The Mavs’ financially cautious ways since the new collective bargaining agreement was written were never about Cuban being cheap. It was about trying to put the Mavs in the best position possible to pounce when talent became available.

Argue against the plan all you want -- and the results so far provide plenty of ammunition for that fight -- but Cuban eagerly anticipates the opportunity to prove himself right. And the next five weeks might be the Mavs’ best chance to do that, considering the summer forecast doesn't include elite free agents really being available.

“This is taking advantage of the financial flexibility,” Cuban said. “That was the whole point, so if the right opportunity comes along you can take advantage of it.

“In this league, there’s a lot of teams that won’t be able to do sign-and-trades this year or take guys in sign-and-trades. Now we can do whatever it takes. That was the whole idea.”