Mavs can't pass up chance at Dwight Howard

If the Dallas Mavericks have an opportunity to acquire Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard either through a trade or free agency after the season, they must do it.

Howard's talent is too immense, his potential too great. You just can't pass on a talent like Howard -- not when he's 27 years old and in the prime of his career.

But if the Mavs do get him, just know that Howard is going to break your heart. Over and over again.

He'll immediately raise your expectations and get you hyped about the possibility of the Mavs winning another NBA title, only to let you down.

That's because Howard has developed a loser mentality.

You can see it in the excuses he's made about his performance this season. And in his body language. And in his performance. Maybe Howard always had a loser mentality but it was hidden in a small media market like Orlando, where expectations didn't engulf him.

The Magic were just happy to be a contender. The sun didn't rise or shine in Orlando based on whether the Magic won or lost on a given night.

Howard is drowning in Los Angeles, where the Lakers are supposed to win every game and championships are considered a birth right. The team is underachieving with a 17-25 record and is lingering in 12th place in the Western Conference, a game behind the Mavs.

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