Rick Carlisle implements dress code for flights

DALLAS – Coach Rick Carlisle instituted a simple, strict dress code for team flights at the beginning of the month.

Business casual attire is required for everyone on the Mavericks’ private jet, which means players must wear collared shirts and slacks instead of their preferred sweats.

Well, almost everyone. Owner Mark Cuban, a T-shirt and jeans guy, is exempt.

“He can do whatever he wants,” Carlisle said. “But he approved it.”

Carlisle came up with the dress code after the Mavs lost six consecutive games, but he insists it wasn’t meant to send a message. He’ll relax the dress code for some late-night, postgame flights.

“When we show up in cities representing this organization, I think it’s important to look professional, everybody to look like a team, look together,” Carlisle said. “That’s why we did it.”

A reminder of the dress code was written on the whiteboard in the Mavs’ locker room after Sunday’s game. So was “$2500,” the fine for a violation.

“It’s a four-hour flight,” Dirk Nowitzki said, referring to the Dallas-to-Portland journey. “I was thinking about that $2,500. But I gotta set a good example.”