Did Vince Carter commit beard violation?

DALLAS – The rules regarding the Mavericks’ beard pact are a bit fuzzy, so to speak.

Shaving the neck is definitely allowed. What about the cheekbones? That will determine whether sixth man Vince Carter has violated the pact of not shaving until the Mavs hit .500 again.

Carter’s beard is bushy, but it’s been lined up on the neck and cheekbones and his mustache has been well trimmed. According to his interpretation of the unwritten rules, Carter is still in compliance.

“I can’t have it in my eyes, bro. Sorry,” Carter said. “Have you seen Chris Kaman? I can’t do that, man. I didn’t make the rules. That’s the thing. I don’t know where all the rules came from. O.J. (Mayo) was like, ‘We can’t cut the beard.’ The beard is the beard.”

At this point, Carter used his fingers for visual aids in his defense, running them along the cheekbones and neckline.

“This is the beard,” Carter said. “Line it up, man.”

Kaman, who still hasn’t returned to practice after suffering a concussion on Jan. 28, apparently hasn’t manicured his facial hair in any way, shape or form since several Mavs agreed to let their beards grow until they get back to the break-even point. That level of commitment is a bit much as far as Carter is concerned.

“Then you look like a man who lives in the forest, brother,” Carter said. “No thank you.”